Monday 7 May 2007

Touched Up in Munich.

Went to Munich last weekend to play our first international friendly touch rugby match. We knew we would get hammered by Munich but we needed to get some playing experience at a competition level. It was a big suprise to find we were leading 4-3 at half time. This lead did not last long in the second half when they came back and won 9-5.

Touch is great fun and this was the first match where we really had to run and run. I lasted about 4 mins on the field before I had to sub off for someone with fresh legs. A few min rest and you are back on for the next sprint. Our team was great and we worked well togther considering it was the first proper game we have played. Our defence formation got dismantled in the second half and that is where we need put some to work in. We also had between 7 and 5 players on the pitch at time due to subbing confusion but the refs we quite leaniant on us.

It was a great boost to my ego to get 2 trys from 2 interceptions, which got me my teams vote for man of the match. The interceptions were a bit of a risky move but I got lucky twice.

Munich were great hosts and it was a reall fun weekend although most of it was spent in an over heating car. I have to ask my mate who knows a lot about cars how to cool down a 1.6 estate car so it can keep up with a powerful Audi and BWM...

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