Monday 19 December 2011

Man Cave

It is cold, dark and wet but this is my cave.

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I still have lots of work to do re-pointing the brickwork but this will end up as a workshop. Once it is finished the first project will be the easy rider velomobile...

Sunday 4 December 2011


Today I said goodbye to the workshop that gave birth to Lord Flashheart. I really felt a bit sad to dismantle the construction I had made which was her whom. But it is time to move on and open a new chapter. I now have a Man Cave. Located directly under my flat is a cellar which I will make into a workshop. The advantage of the cellar is that it is under my flat so it does not take 40 minutes to drive there. It also creates lost of opportunity for people to make Austria Cellar jokes, however I plan to give birth to new toys rather than father a family with my family down there.

This year was crap in terms of Moth sailing. I sailed 3 times and had enough wind to fly once. The good news is that Lord Flashheart needs very little work done this year. This is good news because I have loads of work to do re-pointing and fixing up the cellar. I have decided to buy her a new sail for the worlds next year so that she can compete with the boats 5 years younger than her, and so that I can rig her up with out messing around for half an hour trying to get the mast in the shredded sail head. I am looking forward to next season where I plan to sail lots with the 4 other Moths at Yacht Club Weiden and enjoy my holiday in Campione which is where I became a born again Moth sailor in 2005.