Thursday 10 December 2009

New ISP for IMCA

Big thanks to Nige who now host the IMCA website along with the US, UK and worlds 2009 sites. This saves the IMCa some cash and I have much better technical support form Nige than the old ISP.

This hopefully puts an end to an issue that some of you understood as me censoring your blog posts. Due to an unreliable DNS lookup problem something peoples posts would disappear from the list. This some people took personally which is not true. My blog policy is the more the merrier so long as it is mostly Moth related. If it happens again let me know and I will investigate. At least now I have a chance of fixing the problem it is persists.

So if you are in the Moth class you owe Nige a beer next time you see him. I suggests you get him a bottle or a can so you can shake it very hard before you give it to him because he likes working under pressure.