Tuesday 10 December 2013

Slow Progress

The Bat Mobile progresses but very slowly.

Monday 11 February 2013

Batmobile Bits.

I cut the Batmobile in half:

I was afraid to take out the bulkheads in case it lost its shape so I laminated in sections.
The last bit of resin completed the inside skin on Sunday.
I am very impressed by my guestimates there was no room for error (or making it 4cm smaller).  I have had to sink the trike frame into the shell so my feet can turn the pedals, but I still need a knee solution, as they do not really fit.  I will also have to modify the steering bars a bit so that I can turn corners but I knew this would be a problem.

Saturday 19 January 2013


Unpeeled the Batmobile looks like something Batman would have in his Batcave.

Sunday 13 January 2013

Good weekend in the Batcave

Yesterday I finished shaping up the topside of the Batmobile.

Batman and Boy Wonder then put on a layer of Bat Carbon, and sucked it down the the Bat pump.

I am looking forward to unwrapping this tomorrow evening.

Sunday 6 January 2013

Batmobile and time machine.

It has been a longtime since I blogged in Doug Culnane's ego dot com but I have been busy blogging at my Crowize Blog. I have also been busy in the Batcave but mostly renovating the Batcave.  However this weekend the Batmobile took a great leap closer to being finished.  The mold was very slowly taking shape.  The foam pannels are 2cm think house insulation foam that has great properties: cheap, light, stiff and easy to work with.  The mold turned into a bit of a flat panel design.

It occurred to me that it is silly to make a mold and then a foam sandwich shell from it, why do I not carbon over the mold cut it in half down the middle and smash the bullheads out of it and carbon the inside skin.  The only issue is the planned foam is 5mm think so the inside skin is 20 mm each side smaller and the outside skin is 5mm smaller.  It is designed to be a tight fit over the trike so I may need to be a bit creative to get the trike to fit in it but small is good for aerodynamics and it will be so much less work and materials to use the mold as the shell.  The extra weight of 15mm thicker foam is not worth worrying about for this experiment.

So this means I have just saved at least 6 months of weekends this weekend, which I am very happy about, because it gives me more time to continue the unending task of Batcave renovation...