Tuesday 6 January 2015

Batcave project updates

It is that time of year when there are plenty of holidays and the whether is bad.

My 5 year old Moth foils are maybe not the fastest out there so I and recycling some old bits to get a new rudder. The old Bladerider horizontal on an Aardvark vertical will be replaced by an Aardvark horizontal on an Assassin main foil vertical.  The horizintal was destroyed so is glued it together with an slight anhedral for fun.  The new foil is much thinner and smaller and it fits in my rudder stock so I can use either one (once the gantry angle is adjusted).  The rudder looks fast and it did not cost 2000 euros.

I do need a main foil so if anyone has old broken modern main foils let me know.

The batmobile is now glued together and projressing well.  Here as some progress videos to self motivate and keep the story going: