Wednesday 29 July 2009

News and rants.

Boat is loaded on the car and parked outside the brothel (I live in a house with a fitted brothel). Next weekend I am off to Germany to Walchensee for a Moth regatta. I think 10 plus boats will be there and I am really looking forward to it.

Last weekend we went to Heidelburg in Germany for a The Touch Rugby Mainland Cup. Both the Mens and Mix team amazingly managed to beet Germany. This is like Scotland beating England at football apart for the "We hate the Fucking Cunts" songs. We got are arses kicked by other teams but we really steeped it up a level and Austria is really becoming established as a F.I.T. country which is great and a credit to the hard work of my team mates.

Tomorrow the Cougars have 2 games to play in the Austrian Touch League and the chance to become the top team in the league so fingers crossed and a BBQ afterwards to look forward to.

This post has been far to positive for me so lets bring some negative angry stuff in. I am getting Fucked by banks and so after a mate put up with my complaining he sent me a link to a video. Now this is a bit old news in internet terms but shit it is good. I do not subscribe to all the ideas here or all of the agenda but a lot of it has a lot of value and it will make you think which is I believe a good thing. Zeitgeist provides a explanation for the basis of religious stories, a convincing conspiracy theory on 911, and shows that bankers are Wankers. I checked out the chat on the Net for the debunking of this and I found lots of Christians stupid Fucks ridiculing a Film they pretend not to have seen. I found some maybe reasonable engineering explanations for some of 911 claims, but nothing proving that governments did not act on intelligence to prevent the attack. I found nothing about greedy Wankers that made any sense. Make your own mind up and there is a part two as well if you want more.

Oh that feels better I have my inner equilibrium of negativity restored, I am at peace. Back to Moth stuff.

Si Propper has been sent to the naughty chair which is a shame as I really enjoyed his Editorial style. If we all turn into PR agents for our sponsors then Internet Mothing will be hollow. However it is also great to see fresh blood and energy coming in to push forward development. I hope one day I will also be sent to the naughty chair where I can sulk and rant and rave while everyone ignores me. Wait a moment I am already there this is it, it is my Blog, cool.

Finally the 3 years of Navel Architecture Degree, 2 years boat building, 1 year working with Phil Morrison and 1 year working at the Royal Institution of Navel Architects and 1 year working at the Institute of Marine Engineers has paid off. I got recognition for Moth design input. The prison uniform boat cover is on par with the cat flat in making the world a better place. The truth is I have not done more that talk about it in the bar, but is sounds good.

The final stages of the Moth World Bloging Championships are coming to a close and there is lots of Internet Mothing activity as contenders try to get last minute advantages so I should carefully post clever well thought out stuff but I do not have the time at the moment so you get a brain dump rant that apparently need a spell check.

So fingers crossed for wind south of Munich this weekend and I will see if I can do better than my last attempt to do better that the last attempt to to better than coming last and not finishing a race when I did not even make it to the regatta. Does that make any sense?


Tuesday 14 July 2009

RE: moth bloggers cool wall.


Unfunded persinnel attack on my here and smelling.

Feck u proper.

Tuesday 7 July 2009

Set your alarm clocks

There will be a 2 part Moth feature on Austria's FM4 Radio Morning show Thursday. (09-07-2009 6am - 10am CET)

You can check out the live stream here:

Also check out the NikiCam:

Wednesday 1 July 2009

Middle Doug

I am back from the Euros and slowly getting through the back log of Internet Mothing...

Euros was a great event and I finished 21st of 42. Which puts me in the top half of the fleet or the middle depending how you want to look at it. I knew I would come in the middle I some how always do. The real competition was on to be Top Doug with 3 Doug's at the event. I of course came in the middle.

I had a great week and archived my target of finishing all the races which was no mean feet with major arm cramps in legs 2 and 3. However the sailing was awesome. Flashheart was great and the biggest repair had to do was on the trolley. I had some good racing and amazing burns to the finish line with Soren and Peter.

I learnt lots and have lots to work on. My biggest problem is going upwind in strong winds. My best asset is my consistent and good starting. Both of these seam to be a direct result of my talent for being able to sail upwind very slowly.

It was really a fun event and I am glad I went. It was great to meet up with old and new friends. 15 hours drive there and 17 back (with Lord Flasheart and Blackadder funnily enough) were well worth it.

For all of you that are desperate to see me on TV here is another link that seams to work outside Austria: here.

That is end of a very egotistical self centered Blog Post. That is what happens when you become a middle of the fleet superstar the success just goes to your head. WOOF WOOOOOOF.