Monday 29 October 2007

Patent Pending

Patent Pending

So the details of the Bladerider Patents have been revealed.

1. A trampoline that uses +-45 bias so it can be tensioned at one end. - Done already by Adam May.

2. A removable hydro foil. - Done already by Phil Stevenson.

These two patents clearly have no ground without even looking outside the Moth class.

I am anti-Patents in general and in particular in the Moth class, so let keep it Patent Free.

I hope the log awaited BR response will be to drop this expensive waste of money. Maybe we just saved the BR investors a few thousand Dollars, so well done us.

Now back to the Moth Sex... Got a personal best on Friday of 20.5 Knots. It was a bit cold and my wetsuit is a bit past it sell by date (literally my arse hangs out of it) so I stopped the heroics after a big splash reminded me that there is no way I want to fall in the water. Was absolutely gutted when I returned to shore to find newcomer Niki had beaten me with 21 Knots... Ego is bused and cold but the grin on my face is still there after a great gusty sail.

Wednesday 24 October 2007

Help Required for IMCA Online Database.

I am near to releasing version 1.0.0 of the IMCA online database. This version will allow users to:

Reset their Password.
Edit their Contact Data.
Join the IMCA.
View their memberships and their status.

IMCA National (and International) Committee members can:
Add a new membership type.
Edit Membership Types.
Confirm Membership Requests as Paid.
List Members.

You can help by:
Testing the above use cases.
Feedback on the clarity of above use cases.
Translations into languages other than English and German.
Text corrections.
Graphic improvements.
Getting support for the project in your area.
Java hacking.

If you wish to help send me an email (doug (a) culnane d0t net) and I will send you a mail with access to the online demo. We can spend the next 6 weeks testing and improving the software then I will reset the database and go live.

This project should be a big help for IMCA Committee members. It will centralize data and lower the barrier to joining the IMCA. It will also allow me to greatly enrich the IMCA website with dynamic content in later stages. To make this project work I ask for support and help now because now is your change to complain and influence the project.

It is also an opportunity for Committee members to play around and make sure they understand how the tool works so they can use it more confidently when it is go live time.



Tuesday 16 October 2007

Moth Patents?

I read on the Bladerider site :
Mike McAuley, CEO, says ".the capital has been used to kick start the marketing campaigns in US, New Zealand and South Africa and parts of Europe. It will also be used to complete registration of patents and design internationally and expand the production facilities."

I do not understand Business talk but I wonder what is there in the Bladerider design to patent:
- The hydrofoil system copied from Fastacraft?
- The rudder angle of attack mechanism copied from International 14s?
- The flotation in the wing bars which we did for years?
- The easy pack up ideas which are a collection of ideas?
- That small hull like the M3?
- The rig nearly identical to the all Modern Moths?
- That it is 11 foot long?

It is clearly ridicules to think that the Bladerider is new. It is a bloody good boat that puts together a lot of established ideas and evolves them on to the next generation.

I had a go in a Bladerider for the first time last weekend and I like the boat a lot. It makes me think of copying and evolving some of the ideas in the build of my new boat. But do I need a lawyer now to compete on the IMCA circuit?

It is clear to me that the BR has to protect its considerable investment, and no normal Moth sailor gives a fuck about patents, because it is flattery when you are copied and evolution is the game we love. There is no way that the sprint of the class would survive without the fantastic relaxed attitude to evolution of ideas. Each builder that makes the next design iteration profits from it.

So is this something to get upset about or is this some techy Moth sailor that does not understand the Business talk? Maybe the patent is on the name and Logo which as far as I know are original. Wait a minute Blade and Rider are not new words. There was Bladerunner a film and Lowriders are are term coined to refer to Moths without hydrofoils. Is this a new idea or an evolution.

I do not like patents at all in any industry. They kill innovation, restrict medical care, and hand control from engineers to lawyers who profit from killing innovation in the name of protecting the investment of the the big companies who are the only ones that can afford lawyers. The Moth is growing up fast and maybe this is a part of playing with the big boys and girls, but more likely it is some techy Moth sailor that does not understand the Business talk but can not resist "Stoking the fire".

The above article is all my own ideas and work. I developed the English language, invented computers and build the servers, network and your computer, to enable you to read it. The Moth class was my idea and I invented Internet Mothing and the Bladerider. Therefore any ideas you have after reading this (including "Shut the fuck up Doug") will be subject to royalty fees.

Monday 15 October 2007

RE: Einladung zum UYCNF

Yesterday Niki and I had our first 2 boat flight in Austria. Thanks to Gundi and Klemens we got invited to NeufelderSee, a small but deep lake that is close to Vienna. The wind was light but we got flying in the gusts.

(Picture by Max - Official photographer and rigger for his Dad.)

Niki got his first flight in his new secondhand Bladerider, and Klemens also got her in the air for a very short fly (sort of), proving that Hobie cat sailors can also balance in tricky light gusty winds.

It was great to get the change to sail there and so big thanks to Gundi, the UYCNF and others. I was not sure how the day would work out but I was really keen to get some flying in, and with help we managed to get the first Hydrofoil Moth fleet (2 boats) together in Austria. I thought Max would loose patience with being left on shore but I could not get him to leave. I guess I am not the only kid that like messing around at sailing clubs.

Unfortunately Markus is taking time out from Moth sailing due to work commitments but I hope he will be back in a Moth in the future, and as I understand it that is what he intends. The good news is that his boat (Rohan's the World Champion wining Bladerider) is now based in Vienna so at last I have a training partner, so watch this space next season, this could become Foil See.

More pictures on Niki's Blog

Thursday 4 October 2007

Danish Worlds Pictures

FoilTown posted a link to photos Zac's dad took at the Danish worlds in 2006. To my joy there is a great picture of me.

I spend the winter renovating and strengthening my old boat ready for the new foils which arrived just in time to start fitting them for the Worlds. I had just driven for 16 hours and rigged the boat for the first time with the new hydrofoils. I went out into the prefect conditions to join the high fliers.

My kicker lasted 2 mins and the shroud anchors 5. The swim back through the jelly fish took about 40. I lost the remains of my kicker in the mud and had lots to repair. Then some chirpy Aussie pops up and says that he got the swim back on camera. I was so happy to be alive.

Anyway the next day I got the boat going at 20.3 knots and the pictures remained hidden on some hard disk somewhere. So no worries mate.

Monday 1 October 2007

Moth article in Mainstream Austrian Press.

A Moth article appeared in Krone.

There is definitely interest and activity here in Austria. Markus who bought Rohan's Boat from the worlds has been flying well and describes it as his new passion. There are 2 or 3 guys who are looking for good secondhand boats, which are now starting to come on the market.

Next year could be be the year that there are Moths flying together in Austria. I better get mine fixed after I backed it into a cliff... :-( (Revered up the mad road from Campione and did not spot an over hanging cliff.) I am also determined to start building the Flashheart again, but have decided that she may not be finished for the next worlds so I should hang on to my old boat. I do not want to be sat on the beach watching if there are a feet of boats here.

I definitely have a problem selling my old boat. Not because of lack of buyers but I get can not let her go. I think I have to have a new one before I can let go of the old.