Monday, 15 October 2007

RE: Einladung zum UYCNF

Yesterday Niki and I had our first 2 boat flight in Austria. Thanks to Gundi and Klemens we got invited to NeufelderSee, a small but deep lake that is close to Vienna. The wind was light but we got flying in the gusts.

(Picture by Max - Official photographer and rigger for his Dad.)

Niki got his first flight in his new secondhand Bladerider, and Klemens also got her in the air for a very short fly (sort of), proving that Hobie cat sailors can also balance in tricky light gusty winds.

It was great to get the change to sail there and so big thanks to Gundi, the UYCNF and others. I was not sure how the day would work out but I was really keen to get some flying in, and with help we managed to get the first Hydrofoil Moth fleet (2 boats) together in Austria. I thought Max would loose patience with being left on shore but I could not get him to leave. I guess I am not the only kid that like messing around at sailing clubs.

Unfortunately Markus is taking time out from Moth sailing due to work commitments but I hope he will be back in a Moth in the future, and as I understand it that is what he intends. The good news is that his boat (Rohan's the World Champion wining Bladerider) is now based in Vienna so at last I have a training partner, so watch this space next season, this could become Foil See.

More pictures on Niki's Blog

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