Monday, 1 October 2007

Moth article in Mainstream Austrian Press.

A Moth article appeared in Krone.

There is definitely interest and activity here in Austria. Markus who bought Rohan's Boat from the worlds has been flying well and describes it as his new passion. There are 2 or 3 guys who are looking for good secondhand boats, which are now starting to come on the market.

Next year could be be the year that there are Moths flying together in Austria. I better get mine fixed after I backed it into a cliff... :-( (Revered up the mad road from Campione and did not spot an over hanging cliff.) I am also determined to start building the Flashheart again, but have decided that she may not be finished for the next worlds so I should hang on to my old boat. I do not want to be sat on the beach watching if there are a feet of boats here.

I definitely have a problem selling my old boat. Not because of lack of buyers but I get can not let her go. I think I have to have a new one before I can let go of the old.

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