Wednesday 24 October 2007

Help Required for IMCA Online Database.

I am near to releasing version 1.0.0 of the IMCA online database. This version will allow users to:

Reset their Password.
Edit their Contact Data.
Join the IMCA.
View their memberships and their status.

IMCA National (and International) Committee members can:
Add a new membership type.
Edit Membership Types.
Confirm Membership Requests as Paid.
List Members.

You can help by:
Testing the above use cases.
Feedback on the clarity of above use cases.
Translations into languages other than English and German.
Text corrections.
Graphic improvements.
Getting support for the project in your area.
Java hacking.

If you wish to help send me an email (doug (a) culnane d0t net) and I will send you a mail with access to the online demo. We can spend the next 6 weeks testing and improving the software then I will reset the database and go live.

This project should be a big help for IMCA Committee members. It will centralize data and lower the barrier to joining the IMCA. It will also allow me to greatly enrich the IMCA website with dynamic content in later stages. To make this project work I ask for support and help now because now is your change to complain and influence the project.

It is also an opportunity for Committee members to play around and make sure they understand how the tool works so they can use it more confidently when it is go live time.



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