Monday 1 October 2012

Enjoyment at other peoples expense.

I have not Blogged about the Moth Worlds because my ego got a big kicking.  However thanks to Gerhard here is a picture of me leading the race into the cliffs.

Shortly afterward I was very last.  I realized it is time to spend more than 3 days a year sailing and over 20,000 Euros.  Moth sailing is loosing its charm for me as I see that that it is no longer a competition with myself anymore and more a money and time drain.  However I hope some effort to race locally next year will give me some return on my small investments.

Another lesson from the Worlds is the starts where horrible and nasty bad. I was surprised no one got hurt or did some expensive damage.  Wait a minute they did a few times....  split second decisions that cost thousands of euros killed the fun a bit for me too...

Anyway the sailing and location was great and it is good to catch up with some old friends and make some new ones.  Not sure if I can catch then on the race course though.

It was great to watch others hurt themselves and do thousands of euros of damage.  Here (again from Gerald) is a little pre start smash... Enjoy.