Thursday 5 July 2012

German Open Nationals Walchensee

Niki and I went to the beautiful Walchensee for the German Open Nationals.  Team Austria arrived with a new set of Aardvark foils for Niki and without the bag of important bits I had taken off Lord falasheart so that I do not losse them...  So day one was a morning full of creative boat work to get us both on the water for the start.

Lord Flashhert had never been better.  The quick creative fixes were better than the stuff I have been using for the last 4 years.  I had 3 days of fantastic racing and it really was a great event. A big thanks to the German Moth fleet and Walchensee sailing club.

In the end I finished in the middle of the fleet, which is where I always end up.  Lord Flashheart showed her age a bit and was the tortoise amongst the hares.

After the last race on the last day we all raced to the shore to escape the Mountain storm.  I was 200 meters from the beach when several tons of air avalanched down a mountain onto the lake and sent me speeding faster than I have even been in a Moth.  I was feeling a bit confident so I rode it as would Lord Flashheart.  Then the next gust came on top of that and I was too scared to jump off so I rode it too.  This did not last long and the wing I was sitting on broke in 4 places under the load.  I rose to the surface of the lake after the crash and my first thought was "Thank Fuck I have stopped because i was not sure how else I could.".  However now Lord Flashheart is in need of new carbon wing and I am not sure if I can get the tubes on time for the Worlds. 

Back to the (moldy) Batcave for some super hero boat fixing.