Thursday, 4 October 2007

Danish Worlds Pictures

FoilTown posted a link to photos Zac's dad took at the Danish worlds in 2006. To my joy there is a great picture of me.

I spend the winter renovating and strengthening my old boat ready for the new foils which arrived just in time to start fitting them for the Worlds. I had just driven for 16 hours and rigged the boat for the first time with the new hydrofoils. I went out into the prefect conditions to join the high fliers.

My kicker lasted 2 mins and the shroud anchors 5. The swim back through the jelly fish took about 40. I lost the remains of my kicker in the mud and had lots to repair. Then some chirpy Aussie pops up and says that he got the swim back on camera. I was so happy to be alive.

Anyway the next day I got the boat going at 20.3 knots and the pictures remained hidden on some hard disk somewhere. So no worries mate.

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