Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Middle Doug

I am back from the Euros and slowly getting through the back log of Internet Mothing...

Euros was a great event and I finished 21st of 42. Which puts me in the top half of the fleet or the middle depending how you want to look at it. I knew I would come in the middle I some how always do. The real competition was on to be Top Doug with 3 Doug's at the event. I of course came in the middle.

I had a great week and archived my target of finishing all the races which was no mean feet with major arm cramps in legs 2 and 3. However the sailing was awesome. Flashheart was great and the biggest repair had to do was on the trolley. I had some good racing and amazing burns to the finish line with Soren and Peter.

I learnt lots and have lots to work on. My biggest problem is going upwind in strong winds. My best asset is my consistent and good starting. Both of these seam to be a direct result of my talent for being able to sail upwind very slowly.

It was really a fun event and I am glad I went. It was great to meet up with old and new friends. 15 hours drive there and 17 back (with Lord Flasheart and Blackadder funnily enough) were well worth it.

For all of you that are desperate to see me on TV here is another link that seams to work outside Austria: here.

That is end of a very egotistical self centered Blog Post. That is what happens when you become a middle of the fleet superstar the success just goes to your head. WOOF WOOOOOOF.

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