Monday, 19 November 2007

Tomahawk Hibernates

Kati and I had to dig Tomahawk out the snow so that I could hang her up for the winter. This was not as easy or as fun as we first imagined...

Flashheart is off the frames and feels light and stiff. I am starting the fun jobs now working out how to fit wing bars, fitting the trolley to the boat and car, working out how to fit the the foredeck and bulkheads etc... Doing the arrangement design is fun. There are so many little ideas, options and things to think about finding the best solution takes some time.

I have changed my mind about the wing bars which I was going to have fixed. I will now make them removable so that it is possible to get 2 boats on the roof of one car. This may make traveling to far away events much easier, now that Austria has a fleet. I also had to hack up the trolley which was half finished so that I could change the way the axle was mounted and make it removable.

Adam gave me a tip about how to laminate around wing bars to make sleeves for mounting in the boat. Parcel tape does not work even with a 3 stage layup. I had to cut the bloody sleeves off in the end. This is frustrating, slow and has slightly damaged the wing bar. If the new method works I will blog about it.

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