Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The German Job.

- Our trailer is not going to be ready to use.
- Niki's new centerboard has not arrived yet.
- I have done 2 flying hours and not really tested the boat.
- There is no wind forecast for Ammersee (5 hours drive) and a force 2-3 for the local lake (1 hours drive).

There will be a Moth regatta at Ammersee this weekend in Southern Germany and I really want to go to meet Moth sailors in person and get a weekend of Moth racing, beer drinking and barbecues. Carlo has done a great job organizing this and I really want to go and support this "local" Moth event. However Niki is reluctant to borrow gear which i understand and I do not want to miss out on training to sit by a windless lake. I also do not want to drive on my own for 10 hours when I could use the time finishing jobs on the boat sailing in more wind in the east and not spending a fortune on petrol.

I picked up my boat from the sailmaker yesterday. I have dismantled all the wings so it sits on half of my roof rack waiting for Niki's boat to join it. I just want the wind forecast to improve, and Niki to get his bits then it will be all systems go. Our fate is in the hands of the Wind Gods and the Delivery Monkeys.


Felix Schulte said...

Hi Doug,

it is kind of sad to read your blog. I am really looking forward to the Ammersee regatta and I'd really like to meet Niki and you in person (and your boat as well)

Don't let me down


Doug Culnane said...

It is all systems go. it looks like Niki has got his kit sorted thanks to Lukas Schenk. I hope that the wind fills in a bit and it is not a weekend sitting on the beach. If it is at least I can do some boat work...

Rational thought would question whether it is not a better use of my time to concentrate on sailing and getting things sorted for the worlds rather than chasing round Europe to find the least wind but rational thought is not one of my strengths and I am really looking forward to catching up with real (not virtual) Moths and Moth sailors.

So the next challenge is to get a 2nd boat on my car roof and all the gear and beer in it. It will be close as there may not be enough space for everything so we may have to leave the toolbox behind.

So see you tomorrow late or some time on Saturday.