Wednesday 10 September 2008

IMCA News RSS Feed fixed (again) and Google Maps

The IMCA News RSS feed is now working properly. I do not know if anyone is using it apart form me and one Google Reader subscriber but at least the news with relative links on the IMCA site will not be always new now.

I have also added links to Google Map in the events list on the IMCA site so you can look up where the event is.

Joe I have not forgotten your updates and I will get round to it, but the google maps was too cool not to do first.

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e said...

Hi. Just wanted to let you know I do use the RSS feed and it finds its way nicely to my iPhone through NetNewsWire. Good way to remain on top of news during daily commute. My only gripe is the fact that you only provide the subject line & the link in the feed. Could you also consider providing some of the content? Thanks