Friday, 5 December 2008

You can prove anything with statistics.

A month ago I integrated Google Analytics into the IMCA site. This was a tip from Bruce and Tom. It gives a nice report of the website usage and hits etc... One thing that it shows is that the UK is wining the internet Mothing race with Australia in second. (one up for the poms at last.)

We get about 300 visits a day form all over the world and most people just check the blog and news lists. So it does not really surprise me. However I am surprised that I am not the only Internet Mother in Austria!

2% of the visitors are from iPhones. At the worlds John Harris complained that the site did not work with his iPhone. I blamed the iPhone for not having an XSLT parser built into the HTML rendering engine. (If anyone complains about my software I can normally confuse then enough so they leave me alone.) However I have changed the way the site is rendered (I no longer use client site xslt...) so this should work now. However if anyone could send me an iPhone so that I can test this properly for a year or two that would be great, and I promise not to microwave it.

If others want to click thought the Google Analytics reports then send me your blogger username/email and I should be able to add you to the list of people that can view the report.


Bora Gulari said...

simon should be able to help you with that, or i will send you mine that half the screen does not work sometimes

Doug Culnane said...

Very good of you Bora to offer me an iPhone but if I am honest I would not know how to work it...

Does the website work on the iPhones? does not have to look beautiful but should be readable.



Simon Payne said...

Yep works fine on my i phone. Looks identical