Monday 15 June 2009

Tomahawk for Sale

Now that I have Flashheart and too many Moth bits I finally want to sell Tomahawk. I built her with Adam May in 1994 as a Aussie Axeman low rider. She was the basis for the Diamond Foil project and competed in the Euros as a lowrider in 2005. I converted her to a hydrofoil strap on boat in 2006 for the Denmark worlds. She sailed in the 2007 Worlds at Garda.

She will never win the worlds but she is a fully functioning hydro foil boat that can be used to learn the basics of hydro foiling. She can not be compared to modern boats and the price reflects this.

She is located at Weiden on lake Neuziedlersee and can be taken for a test sail. I am not interested in shipping her far as it is not worth it. Ideally she will be sold on Neuzeidler see as the extra boat in our fleet there would be worth dropping the price for...

Name: Tomahawk
Design: Aussie Axeman
Year Built: 1994
Builder: Doug Culnane

ICF Plaque No.: 2934
Sail Number(s): GBR 4019, AUT 4019

Foils: Full Force
Mast. Angel
Sail: Truflow

Hull is glass and kevlar foam sandwich. Wing bars are a mix of carbon windsurfing masts and laser masts. Carbon mast and boom. Carbon gantry and foils.

Price: 4000 Euros or near offer.
If you have questions please call me Doug on +43 650 285 6263 or mail me doug at culnane dot net

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Nikolaus Liebscher said...

cool boat - hope you find a buyer in Weiden or at least at lake Neusiedlersee - will help you to make a good setup for this boat!