Sunday, 13 February 2011

Hairy Bum

I am slowly getting through the list of jobs for the new moth session. Nothing dramatic but tidying up stuff.

Opinion about the best way to paint a boat is divided. There are those that say spray painting is the way to go and there is me. Spray painting is lots of mess and waste and I can not be bothered so I thought I would just use a roller to get close enough to a good finish so long as you do not get to close. I have learned my lesson (the hard way) that rollers for water based paints dissolve in chemical paints so I bought the slightly more expensive ones. Now i am not saying that my workshop is a dust free environment but I am really disappointed that half the hair from the roller stuck to the roller and the other half did not.

So maybe it time to spend even more money on roller quality or give in and spray paint.

I have ordered some of this: Spalt Abdeckband and I hope it will give me that missing 3 knots of boat speed off the line. It better do it cost 30 Euros.

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Fred said...

Hi Doug,
thanks for putting the Graupner stuff up on the net. Hope this is a great equalizer for many of us.

Have you not tried the great foam rollers for painting, which are available in the market? I also recommend to use a foam brush to work behind the foam roller (which does the equal spreading of the paint at best) to smooth the surface and to break the airbubbles which naturally come up behind the roller?

Sorry if this is shitty english. Give me a call if you got problems to understand the finer details.