Monday 18 April 2011

Winter is over.

The projects for the winter are done so it is time to change into summer mode, and play.

1) New deck at the Pad.

2) Make Yacht Culb Weiden Start boat water tight.

3) Repaint and renovate Flashheart.

One thing that I failed to do was get my height adjuster working because of a supplier issue. So now I need a reverse thread and normal thread screw that I can use to attach my ball joint thing and bottle screw. Anyone got any ideas where I can get this?

Looking forward to going sailing again because I have not been sailing since the European champs in Switzerland!

In the mean time I am desperately trying to get fit for the impending Touch Rugby World Championships. My beep scores tests have gone from 12 -> 8.4 -> 5 !!! This is not good at all... and our fist game is against the joint favorite Australia. So I am also trying to prepare myself mentally for the humiliation to come.


Teknologika said...

Grab a turnbuckle, cut the ends off and get it welded to your rod. That is what I did.


Doug Culnane said...

Thanks Bruce that is a great idea.

Tim said...

Re-use the left-hand thread from a bottle screw (e.g. small RWO one with M5 threads) and file/redrill the end of this to fit your attachment point. Replace the bottle screw body with a piece of acetal rod to form your adjuster ( - drill out the centre and tap left & right M5 threads in this (LH & RH taps from, so you can use a normal bolt in the RH end. Coat the rod with sikaflex so the adjuster rope can grip. I did this on my BR - it works well and fits in the limited space above the deck. According to Mike Cook if you use the bottle screw itelf (so metal to metal) there's too much friction.

Doug Culnane said...

Thanks Tim,

Great advice you should post this in a Blog somewhere with pictures.


Joe Bousquet said...

Like this?