Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Where is the traffic light?

Here is a nice example of the kind of crap you have to deal with every day on a bike in Vienna.

Where is the traffic light for bikes?

From the other side of the road we can see it here pointing in totally the wrong direction.

I tryed to turn it and it was solid. So this is not vandals. There was no damage to it so I do not think a truck hit it and spun it round. There is no reason for a light pointing where this one does. It is clearly an installation mistake.

I think if there is no traffic lights a you are on a continuous RadWeg then you have right of way (however the rules are so unusably complex that you can never know). So if you can not see the light can you ride on out here at any phase?

The lesson here is do not take the rules of the road, road marking or signs seriously because they are a load of crap.

Location is here:

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