Wednesday 14 October 2020

Phoniebox - Homemade kids jukebox.

 Phoniebox - Homemade kids jukebox.

Some projects are just too much fun to not do.  Phoniebox is a Raspberry PI based kids jukebox that uses RFID tags to play audio files in a folder.  This simple idea allows for a lot of creativity building and filling the box with content.

Inside there is a Raspberry PI 3, USB RFID Reader, USB Powered Speakers,  USB sound card and USB power-bank.  So wring is mostly plugging in.  The optional arcade buttons are wired to the GPIO pins for push button control.

 The case is a mix of repurposed materials and 3D printed parts. The software is mostly scripts on top of Mopidy / MPD / ALSA so it is very customizable and flexible.

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