Friday 16 November 2007

Check out my bottom Woof Woooof.

I am determined to get some workshop time in this winter in the hope that the Flashheart will be launched in spring. Now that it is too cold for sailing building has started again and Niki kindly helped me to do the lamination of the hull outside skin. The lamination went well apart from the disappointing lack of vacuum in the bag due to numerous holes. (In retrospect vacuum bagging without a proper mold is hard to get working well.)

With Mike Cookes new Axion and the May/Chisholm design the hull shape developments are becoming interesting again. This hull shape is Adam May Flashheart design with a bit of weird flat panel twist modifications by me. See earlier blog.

The shape is radical looking and a departure from the hunger tiger design family. That does not mean it is necessarily good but it is at least there is new experimentation and development happening.

With Moth sailing developing fast in Austria and around the world I want to get this thing on the water ASAP. I hope to post some more build progress blog reports soon.

So what do you think, have I got a cute ass or not?


Adam May said...

Nice ass!

Unknown said...

Loving the concave rear... My first/2nd/third Axioms all had that to some degree, but this is something else!


Nikolaus Liebscher said...

looks so cool - very small and shapely ass! Needs to be stroke some times!

Unknown said...

I fancy your ass ... it really is awesome! v. much looking forward to seeing it again ;-)