Friday 18 January 2008

Europe builds

There are various home build projects going on in Europe at the moment.

Martin Zäh from Zurich sent me a picture of his build. He is having a building break after his dog bit him in the hand! The boat is made of 3mm Airex foam and 160g/m2 carbon, so it should be light. Like me he did not use a mold.

He has a V shaped deck and lots of internal structure like Felix . I am going for a flat deck and very little structure. It looks like he has a high foredeck where as I and Felix are going for low profile foredecks... Adam sent me a pic of his boat which he has modified to cut away the foredeck even more. Fashion or evolution and experimentation?

The peal ply arrived and I hear from Mike that the rudder is underway. I hope that on Sunday I can trim the decks and get it ready for the deck outer skin lamination.

My home build kitchen project in the flat in about half way there and I am am still alive after getting a shock because the electrician is an idiot and wires switches to have on, off and maybe settings. What is the point of having a safety swich on the circuit if it only switches one of the power lines off? Tosser. I am sure all you Internet Mothies are disparate to see pictures of my kitchen but I am keeping that top secret development under wraps for the moment.

Got to get the IMCA database on-line which involves a couple of evenings work and email writing. However there is one feature that is missing that Koos pointed out and is now becoming important. I need to program the usecase where a committee member adds a user manually.... This may have to wait for the next release. I also want to have a look at the registration process again to see if I can stop people registering 10 times and messing up my beautiful entity data model. However I think is a problem inherent in every database. I am not sure when I will get a couple of free evenings as the home building (new flat) project is taking up all my time, but I hope to do it soon.

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