Wednesday 2 January 2008

Ho Ho Ho...

My resin delivery arrived just in time so I managed to get in a day and a half in the workshop over Xmas. I also had a days help thanks to Niki.

We managed to:
- Bog in the centerboard box.
- Tape bulkheads and transom.
- Tape the fore-deck inside join.
- Finish off the wing bar sleeves and get them bogged into the boat.
- Start to build up a gantry bottom attachment on the transom.
- Bog gantry bottom diagonals.

All the time consuming jigging and positioning is over. I spent ages doing 3D trigonometry to work out what angle to glue the sleeves to each other at. I then glued the Vs into the boat. I hope I got the angle right...

She is starting to look more and more like a Moth.

I have also done some Flashheart documentation updates and fixed / republished it.

The next jobs are tape the wing bar sleeves and box in. I can then work towards getting the decks on, both of which are ready for fitting. I have to do the king post and forward compression strut too and then all the main boat structure is done. then it is wing bars, fittings, wand, prodder, gantry, tramps, foils, paint, rigging and and and ....

I have also ordered a new rudder from Aardvark. I am not sure about the upturned tips on the rudder but at least it looks cool. Mike sent me some pictures of his new rudder and it looks great. I will have to make a stock so that I can slide it up and down rather than it being fixed. This will later enable me to try and develop a short set of foils system for sailing on our shallow lake.

Adam posted some great pictures form years ago (about 15 years) when we messed around in our Int 14. I noticed that I was wearing the same winter wet-suit that I was complaining about at the bottom of my earlier post here. I am very pleased to report that the Christkind sorted me out with a brand new winter wet-suit so I will be ready for sailing in spring. Not sure if the boat will be but I should get another day in next Sunday. After that I should get the keys to a flat I have just bought so I will have to shift focus to building a kitchen rather than a Moth. I will also have zero cash for fittings which I have to start to think about...

Here is one picture Adam did not post but he kindly sent it to me. It shows the bean on the spinnaker. The story is that a great sail-making friend of mine repaired the spinnaker for us and drew on a big SYBYC Bean on it for luck. My mate and the bean got a bit excited which was visible on the bean thanks to a 2ft high erection. Of course my mate did not mention this and hoped we would rig the thing in a hurry and use it on its first outing at the Bloody Mary (big winter handicap event in London). Due to a broken down car we did not make it for the start and so we were spared the - SHIT what is that??? Oh God No!!! Take it down quick. No leave it up we need it panic. I later scribbled a pair of Y fronts on the bean so we could get away with using it as long as no one looked too closely...

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