Tuesday 26 February 2008

The Big Moth Weekend.

The Moth Blog stakes have been raised, by Si Payne and Karl, with their excellent writing. So I will have to try and write a bit betta with proper spelin un stuff and I should watch me bad language... Fuck that, too hard.

On Saturday I headed out the the Workshop early for a day of building. Worked on the wing-bars, finished the trolley and bogged on the tramp lashings D rings.

I weighed the hull at 9.2 KG. She is not painted yet but I think she should end up close enough to a competitive weight.

I called Niki on Saturday night to see if he had sailed despite it blowing Hunde aus Ketten. He got in an hour fighting the chop once the wind had died. He also said that tomorrow would be perfect conditions, with 18 degrees, sunshine and lots of water in the sea. If only I had a Moth, but wait a min I do in the roof of my workshop. Unfortunately I and Tomahawk were not prepared for sailing so it took 3 hours to drive around getting clothing and boat gear stuff and then I had to rig the boat from scratch. However I did it and got in just over an hour of perfect flying and fun sailing with Niki.

It was a great sail and we could to a bit of training and 2 boat drag racing, to check speed and set ups. Niki was sailing with his short foil set up and I had the full length set up. Neither of us had a problem with the water depth, and both boats seamed set up and performed well.

Sunday was a great day for me as it was the first successful day Moth sailing in Austria. (I have had 2 with zero wind and one when my wing bar broke.) We had great fun and learned lots. Judging by the crowd of interested onlookers we will not be the only Moths there for long. This is exactly what I want and finally it is starting to happen. A small group of Moth sailors could develop here and I can spend to odd weekend having great fun playing in these fantastic boats.

One thing I learnt is that my fitness need to be unproved so I am starting to play touch rugby again, as in the last few moths I have done no sport.

It was not such a good day for the fish. It is impressive to feel how many fish there are in this big beautiful natural lake but I did feel sorry for them. You know you are hitting a lot of fish when a flock of gulls follow your boat...

Eventually I got Tomahawk back to the workshop, where she will sit waiting for the next good forecast.

So I did a couple of hours laminating on Sunday night and could not help thinking that Flashheart looks like something out of an S&M dungeon...

I am looking good as we approach the windward mark of the "Build Race". I do not know where Felix is as I have lost track of where he is but Martin sent me these pics of his build. So I think I have got him covered for now.

It looks like Niki has sorted out stand space for his Moth at the BOOT Show (Austria's largest boat show). His boat is the current worlds wining boat and will make an impressive exhibit. We will hang it above the SegelWelt Stand. There should be a beamer for some Moth videos and we have to do some information posters or something. SegelWelt plan to use the Moth as a crowd puller and we will use the opportunity to get the Moth noticed in Austria generate interest and hope to get some keen guys and girls that are interested in joining in the fun. I do not know if the Austrian sailors are ready for such a boat on a stand but I will find out on Sunday the 9th of March when I will man the stand for a day confusing the Austrian sailors with my bad German and a boat that flies.

So I have got the data to set up the IMCA On-line database but now I got an issue with Apache Tiles that do not find recourses inside the chrooted host environment. This is very boring and with no Internet in the new pad it is hard to find the time to fix this. I want to get it working soon so that I can program the world event competitor preview. It is nice to see who is coming and what they are sailing but it is very time consuming collecting and feeding in the data so I want to program a self service facility for members. The IMCA website is fun to do but it does take up a lot of my time. Therefore I want to program more DIY stuff.

So with the boat show, fair whether sailing and other life stuff it looks like Flashheart will be slightly neglected. I will get another day in on the Saturday before the show and I hope I can use the Sunday to get some fittings and rope. I think i need about 6 or 7 full days to get her finished so the build race finish line is in sight.

I have to decide what color to pint Flashheart and get some kind of paint too. She was going to be red and white (very Austrian flag) but I used the red paint up on the trolley. I have gone off the 2 color idea because I want to spray her all in one hit and not mess around with 2 spay jobs and another day in the workshop. What color kite would Lord Flahheart fly? Red is out because that is the Red Barron'S color. I will leave the flying Tampax to Si Payne, so that leaves boring blue or some mad bright color. Oh the complexities of building a Moth should not be underestimated.


Felix Schulte said...

Hi Doug,

my moth is going to be painted in a full chrome look, as are the foils...

I am setting up a new blog right now, as blogger.DE is horrible.

You will see where my moth stands soon.


Doug Culnane said...

You sneaky devil Felix. Looks like you are at the windward mark already.

Dubai Moth Association said...

If you stand your moth on the stern it almost looks like a model of the Burj al Arab over here in Dubai! Nice pic!

Fred said...

Hi Doug,
>despite it blowing Hunde aus Ketten. < lol... it should read Blowing cows of dykes, also: es weht die Kühe vom Deich. This short German lesson for your upcoming boatshow.
This is exactly what is does here in the North nearly every day. Which makes it impossible (besides the cold water) for me to go sailing.