Wednesday 5 March 2008

Show Time.

So after a long evening of driving, loading, rigging, cleaning and stringing up, Niki's Bladerider is hanging in the BOOT Show in Halle 5, above the Segel Welt stand. I just checked the Segel Welt website and they say they are in Halle 4, so I hope it was there stand that we hung it above. It was dark and late and everyone had gone home.... it is not our fault...

Here is a crap picture.

She does looks dramatic, and I am sure she will generate interest. She will be one of the most hi performance boats at the Show, one of the lightest and the muddiest...

So if you are going to Tulln check her out. We will probably be at the show on Sunday afternoon so come and say Hi then. With other commitments (like the build race) I am not sure if we can man the stand at other times but I hope that the interest will find its was on to the web and we can chat to people there.

In other news I got my new rudder for Aardvark which looks beautiful. Unfortunately the fucking hooligan shit heads from Fed Exp decided to use it for a month as a leaver for lifting the heavy boxes. Now that the T junction is fucked they forwarded it on to me. Mike from Aardvark has been really great and offered to replace it but frankly I want to get sailing and do not want those cunts to fuck the new one. Therefore I am going to have a bash at repairing it but the crack is deep so I hope this will work out. This is frustrating as I bought a rudder finished so that I could get sailing faster not so that I could repair stuff.

Here is an other really crap picture:

So a note of advice if you are thinking of sending foils by post: Do not. Last year I sent a lowrider rudder to the UK and that also got fucked too. They need to travel in a metal box inside a padded container or the delivery monkeys will break it for fun.

So another Moth weekend is coming up with Saturday in the workshop and Sunday at the show for half a day at least.

I fixed the IMCA database problem I had so I will set this up soon (been saying that for a while now). I hope have to have internet access at home soon so I can work on this more. The interest in the worlds is building so it would be good to do a who is coming preview again soon.

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Felix Schulte said...

A quick status for the build race:

One boat is done
One boat only needs a gantry
one boat still needs a deck
one boat will be laminated on Saturday

But: We are still not done waxing the foil moulds and we have to wait for 2 more weeks till we get the tramps from our sailmaker.

You may find evidence here: