Tuesday, 18 March 2008

IMCA Database is On-line.

Finally the work I did last year to turn the IMCA into a database is on-line. This has taken me a while as I got distracted with buying a flat and still have not got an internet connection at home.

I have imported lots of base data and set up the membership types for 2008 for UK, DE, FR and Direct membership to the IMCA.

Committee members will get mails and access to the system so that they can check the the membership details and add payment instruction details.

They can add existing members by entering the email address in the "Add member feature".

When IMCA committee members are happy I will start sending out password reminders to members in my database. Then I will throw it open to allow other new people to register and go through the join process.

There are lots of people in the database already so please do not register without trying to use the "I forgot my password feature" with all your old email addresses. The email address is the link that identified you and stop us having lots of broken linked data. You can change your contact details (including email address).

I plan to support this now to get it working so that we can allow members to preregister for the world and we get our competitor preview...

If you have questions mail me. If you have bugs mail me. If you have translation fixes and improvements mail me.



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