Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Wanted: Worlds Media Officer.

There is such an interest in the Moth that the huge Internet Mothing community and countless magazine will be following the Worlds in the UK this year very closely. So it is a great opportunity to promote the class by providing good content that feeds this captive audience.

As Webmaster, (Website, Media releases & Public Relations) on the IMCA Executive committee is is my job to sort this out. However when I get to the worlds it is my holiday I do not want to see a bloody laptop or worry about internet connections and result spreadsheets. I am too busy sailing, boat modifying and repairing, chatting with mates and drinking beer to do this. So updating results etc gets done when I get back home or not at all.

Therefore we seek a volunteer that will take this on. Basically you need to collect and write race reports coordinate information and mail a list of magazine editors. Pictures and video would also be great. This needs to get uploaded to the web with results etc... You could do a review of the designs and front runners. Storys from on and off the water... Basically you can do what ever you want but it is hard work which is why I am not doing it.

The payment for a week of hard work will be one years IMCA webmaster salary which at the current exchange rate is exactly bugger all.

If you are planning on coming to the worlds or would like to get evolved with the event and take on this role then please contact doug at culnane dot net.

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