Monday 31 March 2008


Got 9 hours in building this weekend (4 hours were spent cleaning up the workshop). I also found a sailing shop that has dinghy fittings (not bloody great big yacht junk). So I have the fittings I need to finish the laminating jobs.

They also have a sail loft and some funky tramp material that the more I think about I like. So I will go with some low windage tramps. I have to learn to sail because they will also be low hydrodynamic damping when in the water, making capsizes quicker.

I have done stage one of the filling and faring.

So I hope to be able to start putting paint on the boat very soon.

Here is another crap picture of the gantry bracket for Felix.

Great posts in this thread. Apart from the posts from an annoying turd who thinks he Gods Gift to foiling. He attacks my ego which is very foolish. My Ego is huge and unbeatable. My boat is called Flashheart for Gods sake.

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Felix Schulte said...

Hi Doug,

everytime I see that the international moth website has changed I go straight to your blog, as you usually update both sites at the same time - and I was right again.

We needed to do a lot of filling and sanding on our first hull, too. Now I definetely know that sanding sucks and that I do not want to do it! Fortunately the next 3 boats haven't required filling and sanding, as we figured out how to use our female mould. Anyway, my prayers are with you on this task.

Thanks for the picture - maybe you could add a little explanation of how to do it, as your last comment wasn't comprehensible (at least to me). By the way: how did you put on the tubes on the deck? Glueinng and then laminating onto the deck? Or have you put some extra reinforcements in?

keep up the posting - you are doing alot better than a couple month aggo - like that ;-)