Monday, 7 April 2008

After spray and after party fog.

Martin sent me pics of his painted boat which he plans to sail in Italy next Sunday. She looks great so well done to him. Felix is busy trying to get his bits together for his sailing holiday in the south of France. So it will be a close finish between the two of them for the build race title. Who will be the first to fly? (We need pics guys.)

I got 2 hours in on Friday after work then I went to a fancy dress party so I did not get changed. The theme was what do you want to be when you grow up so I went as a boat builder. This is what I wanted to be once until I did it for a year or two and decided that it is a hobby rather than a career for me. The party was great fun which meant that I had a slow start of Saturday but I got 7 hours in at the workshop which enabled me to spray paint my white bits.

This pic was taken through the after spray Fog. This is why you need a decent mask or this environment can be deadly.

Saturday night was the Irish Charity Ball with free Guinness and Jamesons bar. I slept most of Sunday.

So I have to spray the red bits of the boat and paint the deck. There are a few other jobs to do but I want to get the boat off to the sailmaker for the tramps to be made. Then it is fit out and finish all the little bits like ruder stock etc... I hope to launch her in about a month.

I could have spent a couple more weekends on the finishing. Filling fairing painting wet flating.... however build quality is not as important as time on the water so i have to put up with wobbles in the chine lines and a base coat paint finish. I can always spend next winter repainting if it bothers me, but I made a conscious decision to not build a boat like my first Moth. I spent loads of time on it and she was beautifully finished. However this is the Flashheart where brash unsophisticated boat building will lead to flying heroics.

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