Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Touch and Flashheart

Last weekend was the first International Touch Tournament in Vienna. We hosted a tournament for 8 teams from 6 countries. My Vienna team ended up 2nd and we played great.

I however am really disappointed with my performance. 2 Italian guys stayed with me so I took them out the night before the tournament to get them drunk so that they would not be on form at 9am the next day ;-). The plan backfired a bit. The next morning I was running like a scolded cat and soring tries in the first two 25min long games. Come the third my legs hurt and I was struggling. I sat out the semi final and the team played a blinder to get through to the final. So I had to play the final and had rested, re-hydrated and feed my body with all the modern energy sweets and drinks you can imagine. However running was nothing sort of increadably painful. The match adrenalin I hoped would act as a pain killer was not strong enough. So I was slow and a liability and spent most of the game subbed off. This is all a bit frustrating and a reminder that i am no longer 18.

So the last 2 tournaments I have ended not being able walk off the pitch. Time to start looking after myself a bit and getting fitter.

In order to restore my ego here is me scoring.

Our Mascot:

The players:

It was a really great day and big success so I hope the teams that traveled to play will come back again next year.

So back to the Flashheart. I have Thursday off so I hope to get some work on the boat done. Unfortunately the boat is still at the sail makers. So in an ideal world I will get my boat with tramps and a new sail from Hyde on Friday, do an evening Touch Ref course. Saturday is the Ref course practical and Sunday is rig and launch day. However the chances of the boat rigging up really easy without messing about are zero so the launch date is hopefully 10th or 11th of May. Maybe tomorrow Tomahawk may get another outing..?

There is a new skiff designed and built for foiling, rather than strapping foils on to an existing boat. I think it is an awesome project. Check it out.

Off to touch training now to see if my legs will work again.

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