Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Results from the first foiling Moth Race in Austria.

Niki and I were on the water early. I had my newly repaired tramps and new Hyde sail. I had spent the morning rigging and sorting out the boat. The sun was out the wind was light but forecast to come in up to a force 6. There were loads of day sailors and a few cats as we sailed out the the start in the building breeze. There was loads of interest in our boats and we needed a little more wind to fly and take on the Hobbie Tigers. As we got to the start boat it was looking like it could be an awesome debut for the foiling Moths, in this 2 race regatta.

5 min later the wind had fucked off totally and then after one and a half hours of sun bathing the race was abandoned. So I drifted in only to find my prodder from the old boat had collapsed under the pressure from its wrong angle. The wind came after I de-rigged but I was to disappointed to get motived to try and go out again with a splint round the prodder. Niki launched and destroyed his centerboard after loosing his flap.

Bit disappointing all round.

So I have some more boat work which is no big deal but Niki has more. I am not sure when i will have the next opportunity to test the boat and get her more sorted... So worlds preparation is looking characteristically poor... Could this be the model for surprise win against the guys who get nervous when they go 2 day in a row without training? I suspect not.

Moth sailing can be like that at times so you have to make the most of the good days and shrug of the bad.

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Dubai Moth Association said...

Does Nikki need the templates to put his flap back on? if he needs to make the jig i can send them to you! I have just had to do mine and i've lost to days sailing from it, i'm nervous now!