Monday 14 July 2008

Back home and back on-line.

I have just finished updateing with all the press releases and links to stuff form the worlds etc... There is loads of stuff out there to read and if I have not got it all sorry send me a mail.

Alex did a fantastic job of the media officer and i want to thank her publicly for her work. The Moth class is a growing monster and if we want to feed it we need a full time media officer that is not a competitor at the worlds and other big events. Alex did this job perfectly.

I however did a shit job of updating the site but I warned you this would happen so if this a problem for you then get a subscription to The Daily Sail and piss off. I was on holiday.

I still have to update the results page ( so send me your favourite picture from the event cropped to 500px wide, named with your sail number (eg. AUT 3202.jpg) and with permission to use on this page. You can also send me boat and equipment details. This will save me loads of time.

I will do an update about my worlds soon, so watch this space for the news you have really been waiting for.

1 comment:

Fred said...

Take your time Doug,
appreciate that you are doing this as a free service for all of us. Been there, know how much pressure some people can put on. Mostly the ones who would never ever contribute.