Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Vs are in Us are out.

V hulls are in fashion. Check this new French boat.

There is more info here .

I am not sure about the step in the hull but the front is a lot like the Flashheart which I think is the way to go.

I was chatting about V hulls with Adam at the worlds and he said the same as me. He also found the V hull of the Raptor make the transition to foiling a lot smoother. You also get a foil assisted mode of sailing where the weight of the boat is shared between foil and hull. The shedding water with the hard chines seams to work well.

So I reckon V hull are the way to go but it will take a while for the big builders to do this as retooling is quite rightly not a priority for them now, and the reals speed advantage comes from being able and fit enough to sail the boat...

So (as the Flashheart project hoped and was designed to capitalize on) home builders have great opportunity to experiment with hull forms and build boats out of flat panels.

Wooof Woooooof...

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