Friday 2 January 2009

Happy New Year.

So far my New Year has been great. Kati and I spent the new years eve on the the top of a 12 story building in the middle of Vienna. I took the opportunity to pop the question, and luckily she said yes! The whole of Vienna then lit up with fireworks in celebration of the news.

So last year I bought the Pad, launched the Lord Flashheart, and got the girl. Lord Flash would be proud. Woof Woooof.


phillippe oligario said...

Congratulations Doug! Splendid effort... When is the big date? I trust the theme will be moth free!

Happy new year to you and maybe one of these days we'll meet at an event. (I actually plan to start racing this year now the boat is under control.)


Valerie said...

Congratulations Doug and Kati, will have some champers with you when we go skiing V xx

Martin said...

Hello, mate!
CCCCongratulations to Kati and you!
You just couldn't wait for her to pop the question, could you? No Lisi is going to put some pressure on me... :-)

cheers and anytime for a beer to celebrate this!