Thursday 14 May 2009

Found more info on project Whisper.

Following a link on Rohan's Blog there is more info about the Whisper project.

"...ongoing R&D for Bladerider....hull uses basic materials...over-rotating carbon fibre wing mast..."

Sounds like Bladerider are investing in R&D. Interestingly at the high performance end of the market at the same time as at the low cost hull materials end...


Assassin said...

A lot of familiar features there aye, nice pintail though.

n4rkla said...

That's been sitting on the website awhile now. Any word if it has hit the water?

Emo said...

As of Feb 18th it hadn't:

"So, after an extended (!) build time with pattern work starting in October 2005 we are nearing the moment when the boat will finally get wet. The Australian national titles are set for Perth this year in December/January, I have 10 months to get the boat finished and shake-out all the bugs... could be tight."

It seems Glen's been busy with his UAV's and CNCing alloy prototype bling foils for BR since that post so I'd be guessing that whisper's still awaiting christening.

Anyway Darren's hit the nail on the head - it seems a few of the features of whisper have already been put into production in the assassin, with exception to the wooden hull construction.