Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

The Good

Had a great Fenster Wochenende ("Window Weekend" four day weekend with one day off work and bank holiday Thursday. Kati and I went hiking and biking in the mountains that mark the start of the Alps. Austria is really a beautiful country and so green with rich forests and lots of wildlife. Then we went to Niki and Julia's wedding which was set in an old castle and the weather was so good we had dinner and the party outside. It was a really nice event and party with a really nice bunch of people.

The Bad

Part of the rich wildlife are these little bastards. I got 5 of the nasty disease carrying sods eating their way into me. I like lots of wildlife but the world would be better without some of it.

The Ugly

Austria tends to have the Sound of Music stereotype of beautiful mountains and Nazis. This stereotype is unfortunately accurate. Now I believe in freedom of speech. Which means I believe I have the right to say what I like and that other people have the right to say stuff I dislike. Therefore as Austria gears up for the Euro elections I must not get upset about placards claiming that the Austria needs to ethnically cleans all the foreigners out or it is endanger of evolving into a modern society. (Not an Austrian one made up of Germans, Hungarians, Czechs, Swiss, Italians,...). However what is not OK is blatantly Nazi propaganda being main stream politics.

Maybe I am turning into a grumpy old man but the increasing reality of stupidocracy really pisses me off.

14 - 16 year olds shoot at concentration camp survivors. here

Memorial to Nazi euthanasia victims vandalised. here

School kids shout racist Nazi insults while visiting Auschwitz here.

etc... etc....

If you put up lots of posters blaming minority groups and EU Mafia for problems you get 30% of the vote! If you come up with long term funded integration strategies none cares. The bloody obvious result is ghettos and sound bite politics.

So recently one of these ghettos breaks out into violence over some stupid religious bullshit and some Austrian politicians use it to have a field day taking the hard line with foreigners. If plain clothes policemen beat the shit out of someone because they are black in an underground station in the middle of the day they keep quiet.

Religion is the root of a lot of evil. You should make time to watch this as it funny and makes you think. If people think then maybe the world will be a better place:

Maybe I should start a new political party. I will ethnically cleans out religion and ticks. Not sure how the details are going to work out but that is not important. What is important is the simple slogans.

Austria NOT Tickria

No more EU forced immigration of Ticks.

Austrian Mountains NOT Mountains of Ticks.

Ticks must learn German.

Meteorology NOT Wind Godology.

Maybe not. Maybe I will just have an angry Internet rant and the world will be exactly the same.


phillippe oligario said...

Hey Doug, here is a politically incorrect statement... racists are retards... Ooops! :-)
It's funny, I thought the days of nazism were over after all these years... Just goes to show some things run deep!

Joe Bousquet said...

So might you say this blog entry was about politicks?