Thursday 1 October 2009

One man race.

Harald is in a one man build race. He has the deck on after 9 days!.

It looks light.

and well built. He has gone for a flat panel build

He plans to be finished this year and I look forward to sailing against the boat next spring.

Martin has his flat panel home build up for sail so he too is maybe building again....

Tomorrow starts our 3 day Moth Training weekend. Unfortunately I have to work but I will get there late afternoon if possible. The wind looks like it may cooperate with a perfect force 2, so push your thumbs.

I cant wait to get flying around in Austria with a fleet of Moths. So far we have only had a fleet of 2 but this time 6 boats is a real fleet. I hope this will be the start of things to come more regularly. Still no sign of the Assassins unfortunately, but we will make the most of what we have.


Unknown said...

Good to see the old ways still alive and kicking - not a drop of pre-preg in sight!

Doug Culnane said...

Not prepreg I think but he did have an oven, and vac pump. There is a picture of a box with a fan heater one end and I so he cooked it a bit at least.