Wednesday 30 January 2008

The build race is on.

Martin Zäh and I are now in a race to fly. We have challenged each other to be the first to fly our new builds.

Actually I challenged him because I am further ahead and have a spare boat that I can take bits off, so I have a very good change of winning. However the Brits are very good at making up rules for sports and then getting beaten by the rest of the world at their own games so it could be close.

I am in the middle of a flat move chaos at the moment and so Martin may catch up if his dog does not attack him again.

The prize is a beer at the worlds.

In other Moth news:

Niki has made a adjustable main foil. He can shorten it by about 15 cm for flaying on out big shallow windy lake near Vienna. 15cm may not make a huge difference but he can always chop it off and try again if the concept works.

Si Payne has got some mystery white bits he is not showing. I am sure this is mostly a whined up but maybe John has developed a way to tune the control mechanism. Course for strong winds and fine for light? Change the phase of the mechanism? Split the flap for moving the center of lift to leeward? Or is it the iPod holder with external speakers he has always wanted fitted in his boat?

Back to an evening of shifting boxes, rugs and wardrobes and cleaning away tools and floors etc... If you are lucky I will show you the white bits of my Kitchen soon but this is a more secret development than the Moth iPod holder.



Felix Schulte said...

Hi Doug,

I want to hold the bet: I bet that my moth is going to fly before your homebuild does.


PS.: How about a beer at Kiel?

Doug Culnane said...

Hi Felix,

I do not normally have races with guys that have a good change of winning.

However to make it more interested we can modify the rules. We all buy 2 beers and the 3rd guy get 1 beer the 2nd 2 beers and the first 3 beers. They all have to be drunk at the Worlds because I am not going to Kiel.

What is your status, you have not blogged for a while.


Felix Schulte said...

I accept the bet according to your rules, even though you should really consider to come to Kiel.
I haven't blogged for a while, as I am sick of and I am setting up a new blog right now.

Well everything is done but the gantry. Thus we couldn't laminate the deck on the hull yet. And we are still working on the moulds for the foils.
The mast and sail (oXo) have arrived, though...