Sunday 13 January 2008

Deck on.

With Niki's help I got the deck and fordeck bogged on the Flasheart today.


Teknologika said...

Coming along nicley Doug, what foils are you planning to use ?


Doug Culnane said...

Hi Bruce,

I have a FastaCraft center board and I have ordered an Aardvark ruder.

The combination is a result of availability and price for quality at the time I needed to buy.


Martin Zäh said...

Hallo Doug

Sieht gut aus dein Boot!
Ich bin auch am bauen, aber noch nicht so weit wie Du. Wie schwer ist dein Teil nun? Meines ist ohne Deck 5.1Kg, ich hoffe es zerbricht nicht gleich beim ersten mal segeln! Wie hast du das Sandwich aufgebaut? Ich habe meines aus 3mm Airex und 160g/m2 Karbon gebaut.

Viel Spass beim fertigstellen!
Gruss Martin Zäh

Doug Culnane said...

Hi Martin,

Mine is 4mm foam and 200g/m2 so it must be heavier. I do not know what the weight is but it feels light. I will get round to weighing it at some point.

I do not think I can make it much lighter without building moulds.

I think Jason Belben used 160g/m2 carbon on his mistress. She was light but delicate. I think it may be worth having 160g/m2 on the inside and 200g/m2 on the outside. How much internal structure do you have?

Do you have pictures of your boat. There is no point in building unless you can brag about it so where is the Blog?

Alle das beste,