Thursday, 21 August 2008

IMCA Events get HI Tech.

OK I have a lot to catch up on the IMCA site thanks to Joe and his history update and Russ digging out the 1995 worlds result sheet. However I had to do this first because it is cool.

There is a new events listing page here:

These come out of our on-line database. The ical logo has a link behind it containing the list of each table in ical format. So you can import them into your favorite Calendar software. If you have good Calendar Software (not SM LookOut) then it probably supports ical files on the network. This means it is updated automatically for you. There are all sorts of other public calendars you can have added to your calendar eg: School Holiday, Public Holiday, Vienna Touch Rugby Calendar etc....

If you do not have a cool bit of Calendar software like the above plug in for Thunderbird the use Google Calendar.

On the Event Page there are links to ical files of the Worlds, the Euros, and All Events. There are also ical files for country events on the National pages eg: UK events

So you can import you can import the events for your local countries into you calendar. Cool or what?

Does it work? Not sure about that so tell me if you have problems.

OK assuming it works the problem will be to maintain the data in the database.... this will be done by the national committees and me if I get round to it. For now it is done by me but I will add links to the "Committee Menu" so national Committee members can do this in the future.

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