Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Releasing StatSCM 1.2.0 is just too easy.

> mvn release:prepare
> mvn release:perform

2 commands and StatSCM 1.2.0 is tested, packaged and distributed to all its users. They automatically get the new version, the source code repository is tagged and the project website it updated.

What does StatSCM do? It makes source code statistic reports like this. It does it by wrapping up 2 other projects (StatCVS and StatSVN) and extending org.apache.maven.reporting.AbstractMavenReport. Bloody easy and nearly a no brainier to manage.

Maven is such a great bit of software and gets the coveted Doug Culnane bloody elegant well designed software award. It is an inspiring example of how to take complex problem (like project management) and reduce them to a simple intuitive transparent easy to use model. If you do Java check out Maven.

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phillippe oligario said...

Hi doug,

Looking gooood. Damned nice pictures! The boat looks set up niice! I hope I can follow suit in my old lady the mistress...