Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Italian Nationas Cancelled

marco wrote:
Hi Doug,

I feel obliged to write a few words in defence of Peter and Umberto, the Class Secretary. In good faith they took on their shoulders the burden of the tedious and unrewarding chore of talking, discussing, trading E-mails back and forth, contacting the Torbole Sail Club,spending time and money of their own to organize the Italian Nationals only to discover that only three Italian competitors would have raced. This would have been a shame indeed.

They simply were compelled to accept a verdict that came from the lack of interest in the Class that the Italian Moth owners show. I told this already ( as I could ) at the AGM in Torbole: the boat is perceived here as a play tool not a racing machine. The boats that were sold in Italy did not automatically translate in an increase of subscribers to the Class. And this doesnt depend on Peter or on Umberto.

All the best,


I am disappointed that the Nationals are Cancelled but not upset with individuals. I know it is hard unrewarding work to organise stuff for the IMCA but I was hoping to travel to Garda to do this event. One because there would be a fleet of other Moths and 2 because Garda is the best place I have sailed and I am in Love with the place.

I hope we can get some (South East Europe) Moth events off the ground in future but to do this I think CRO, AUT, SUI, Southern DER and ITA my need to team together to start with.

So the next event on the Calendar is the Swiss Cup in Geneva. A bloody long drive for the weekend but if you win you get the Americas Cup to take home.

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