Wednesday 19 November 2008

Blog worlds update on behalf of Andrew (No Blog) Brown

Well we have been asked to do an update on the blog worlds...

The new every exciting blog site on the IMCA page has made our lives
easier as judges and by this fact alone Doug is ranking high on the

Luka is doing awesomely and we are just waiting for him to "rark" up
Bora about the AUS nationals then scores will go through the roof!!!
Pity about that music - starting a new job sitting near the IT
department with the music going full on still isn't a good thing - but
it is all in aid of research I suppose.

The recent spat about elitism within the Sydney sailors is a good story
and leading the charge as usual is Scott, Scott is a master of stirring
the pot just the right amount...

Bruce has been doing some amazing things and am loving all the ideas
that Phil has on his site.

Then we have the little man in England Simon, I have a little offended
of late with all the photos and renderings of his Penis and Nose

Chris over there in Dubai is still ranting and raving - very
entertaining especially when he's forgotten to take his medication it
adds to the whole "madness"

The Moth Chronicles by Karl have gone a little quiet lately and only a
ting post of late so looking forward to more effort from this area.

This has left Joe and his History, Geography, political and life lessons
blog - very in depth and lots of it

The scoring right now is very close and in true Hollywood style no
scores will be let out until the final whistle the second to last day of
the Moth Sailing World Champs

Andrew Brown


Dubai Moth Association said...

Brownie that is a rubbish post! Don't give up the day job to start a professional blog hey!

If you are planning on starting a blog though i can give you the most professional advice on how to do it and what to write about!

Doug Culnane said...

Careful Chris do not upset the judges.

I wish No Blog Brown would set up a blog so I do not have to do his dirty work.


Karl said...

Chris your blog doesn't even exist at the moment - have you gone garden gnome on us? Do we have to track you down somewhere else in cyberspace? WTF?

Dubai Moth Association said...

can't muster up the energy to blog right now! Did not want to leave it standing as is for a while so i deleted. If i feel like it again anytime ill make a new one!

There are too many blogs for me right now so i thought id take mine down!