Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Time to change the rules a bit.

I spent Saturday in the workshop doing wingbar structures, UD on the tramp lashing eyes, control rod work and centerboard re-enforcements. I also started to repair the rudder, and make the rudder stock. I can see why early foils broke at the T joint because there is loads of sheer on it. The rudder T joint has cracked bad so i feed resin it to the crack in the hope it will re-bond it.

I am loosing bad in the Build race with Martin reporting that his boat is at his mates getting sprayed and Fleix's posting pictures of several boats looking completed. My ego is now at a new low. Doug Lord hates me, I have no internet at home because the builders did not lay any bloody cables in the wall and water leaks tho the wall into my bedroom when it rains. So the Boat and Flat job lists seam to be getting longer at the moment rather than shorter despite me putting lots of effort in.

Time to change the rules of the game then and start a new race. Bora has raised the Moth blogging stakes with pictures of his blisters. Well you know when you were a kid and the big people told you to always use a knife to cut away from your body. I found out that it is good advice this Saturday when I sliced my thumb knuckle in two. Check this bad pic:

I think I win Bora.

So with Ego restored I can report on the Austria Boat show which was great. The guys from SegelWelt did great presentations about the Volvo Race and Mini Transat. This was hard core yachting and makes a change from the usual Austria marine stuff like a boat in the shape of a car, or a floating washing basket.

(Actuall the guy behind the floating washing basket was the reason I came to Vienna 14 years ago. If you think that this craft is innovative you should have seen some of the other innovations that sadly did not make it off the drawing board...)

So the stories of falling off your Mini Transat yacht and swimming after it alone in the middle of the ocean were great to hear, scary and incredible... SegelWelt had a competition to win a place in the Volvo Ocean Race but after Christians stories I went and asked for my entry form back.

Niki's Moth was hung over the SegelWelt stage and generated a lot of interest which I hope will lead to some more Moth sailors in Austria. There was also a video running and some Bladerider hand outs. More info here.

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