Monday, 29 October 2007

Patent Pending

Patent Pending

So the details of the Bladerider Patents have been revealed.

1. A trampoline that uses +-45 bias so it can be tensioned at one end. - Done already by Adam May.

2. A removable hydro foil. - Done already by Phil Stevenson.

These two patents clearly have no ground without even looking outside the Moth class.

I am anti-Patents in general and in particular in the Moth class, so let keep it Patent Free.

I hope the log awaited BR response will be to drop this expensive waste of money. Maybe we just saved the BR investors a few thousand Dollars, so well done us.

Now back to the Moth Sex... Got a personal best on Friday of 20.5 Knots. It was a bit cold and my wetsuit is a bit past it sell by date (literally my arse hangs out of it) so I stopped the heroics after a big splash reminded me that there is no way I want to fall in the water. Was absolutely gutted when I returned to shore to find newcomer Niki had beaten me with 21 Knots... Ego is bused and cold but the grin on my face is still there after a great gusty sail.

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Unknown said...

Dont panic, it took me ages to get any faster than 20.5!

Moth sex currently limited to building, hopefully back on the water at the end of November...